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Working Out after Age 50

I am over the age of 50.  I have noticed within the last 10 years how hard it is to lose weight.  Things are changing in the body department.  I decided to do something about it.  I did not want to be the typical over 50-year-old American. Let’s face it, we don’t take care of ourselves.   I REFUSE TO BE THE STATUS QUO.

I started seriously walking again in April of this year.   It has been a long road.  I have not lost a lot of weight.  I have lost a lot of fat.  I have changed my eating habits.   My body is changing.  I actually have a muscular core.  Fat is disappearing from my thighs, waistline and calves.  My arms are getting thinner as well.  This is from walking only.  I don’t like gyms, free weights, etc.  I like to be outside seeing the beauty of outdoors.


A challenge for me has been finding age appropriate work out clothing.  A crop bra and skin tight leggings is not going to work.   I don’t care how fit I am, I will never dress in that getup at this age.


This picture shows what not to wear at age 50 and over!  I won’t wear that.  I am constantly on the lookout for something that is comfortable and versatile.  I found these great jog pants from the Avon Curves line of fitness clothing. prod_5214066_xl prod_5214066_xl_2

Here is the description from the Avon website about these pants.

Curves® Ultimate Jog Pant  $14.99

Ultra-lightweight. Ribbed waistband and trim. Super-flattering ruching enhances your curves, while the wicking fabric keeps you dry. Polyester/spandex. Machine wash and dry. Imported.

While Supplies Last

I have worn them for the last 2 days.  I absolutely love them.  The only problem is they are in limited sizes. I purchased a large.  They are very roomy.  The pockets are deep enough to hold my Samsung Note 4.   The pants have a drawstring waist which makes them extremely comfortable.  The pants have a lot of give due to the spandex.   The fabric is a wicking type fabric.   I love these pants.  I think they would be great for runners.   Check them out HERE #WorkingoutafterAge50 #workoutwear