Cricut Explore: Home Organization Cartridge

I discovered this amazing cartridge in the Design Space software this morning.  This is an amazing cartridge.  This cartridge will aid you in organizing everything in your home and office.  I plan on using them in my pantry and craft room.  My closets are next!   I am using the labels as a guide to create my own though.  I want my labels to be uniform.  I am designing mine today to label everything in my craft room!  My goal is to keep it organized so I can find and use everything!   Here is a screen shot of what I have designed so far. What do you think? Would you use them?   What words would you include on your labels?  I actually did a search in design space for labels.  I filtered to multiple layers and found this image.  I flattened it and then added my text.  I flattened again.  I will print these on printable vinyl.  I can remove that if I change my mind.  I have attached my informational video to this post as well.  Have fun!  Let me know what you design.  Comment and leave a link to your project!  I will visit your site and comment too!   Challenge yourself to make labels and organize your life this year!  I will share this file once I finish it.  I will also show you the cut out labels.  I need to work on the design more.  If you are wondering about the dark grey rectangle, that will not be cut.  That is a guide.  You can place your images in a rectangle sized to 5.78 inches by 8.28 inches.  Everything in that rectangle should print with the Cricut Explore.   You want to make sure and turn off the rectangle before printing!  I have learned that lesson the hard way.  I will make a quick video showing what I do before printing.  This will save you some trouble.  Don’t forget to comment and leave a link to your post with your label design!  I want to see it!  You can purchase the printable vinyl HERE.






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