Saturday Seven

Here is the latest installment of my Cricut Explore Saturday Seven files!  I will share 7 new files that I create during the week for you to use.  You are welcome to edit the files to fit your needs.  Please contact me if you need help on how to edit the files.  Let’s get started with the files for this week.  I have included a screen shot of the file and then the link to the file.  Enjoy.  Please comment and let me know what you make with the files!

I designed this file as a sticker sheet.  #CricutExplore #PatrioticPlannerStickers    I designed this file for a co-worker’s baby shower.  You can unflatten and edit to fit your needs.   #CustomBabyShowerSticker #CricutExplore   I am on a sticker kick!   This sticker would make a wonderful addition to a fall wedding. Use it for wedding favors.  You could adjust it and use it for an anniversary celebration.   Have fun with it.  Please comment below with a link to your creation.  I would love to see what you make with this!  #FallWeddingSticker #CricutExplore  This was a fun sticker or print and cut project.  You could use this for stickers or print it out for a cute valentine for kids.  You could also resize and use on a card front.  Add layers for the card front and make a cute card.  #CricutExplore #FlamingoHeartSticker #PlannerStickers  I am not sure that this file will be truly shareable due to the flamingo images.  I have included the PNG that I used.  Right click and save it.  Upload to Design Space using Complex.  You can insert in your own card and add your text!  Easy and quick!  Contact or leave a comment if you have any problems with this card. Here is a pun type card.  It is so corny and will surely make you smile!  Have fun with this and create your own corny cards! #CricutExplore  I hope you like this card!  It would be great for Valentine’s Day!   Please comment below with a link to your projects!  I would love to see what you do with any of my #SaturdaySeven files.


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