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Cricut Explore: Happy Planner Zebra Set


I am changing things up with the Saturday Seven files.  I will post videos instead throughout the week showing new designs.   Here is the file for this sticker layout.  You need to cut it out on a Cricut Explore machine.   Here is the link to the youtube video showing this set in my planner!  Enjoy and share this post!!!


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Saturday Seven: Cricut Explore

I have completed things in a different manner today.   I am focusing on the Happy Planner and weekly themes.    I have included 3 videos on how to decorate your planner weekly.   Here is the first theme.  Once again, I won’t have 7 files today due to the 3 videos I produced today.  Please comment below if you want a certain design.  I will design it and post it next Saturday!

1. Strawberry Sticker Set:

2.  Butterfly Theme Sticker Set

3. Easter Sticker Set

4. More Easter Stickers