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Cricut Explore: Saturday Seven

Here is the latest installment of my Cricut Explore Saturday Seven files!  I will share 7 new files that I create during the week for you to use.  You are welcome to edit the files to fit your needs.  Please contact me if you need help on how to edit the files.  Let’s get started with the files for this week.  I have included a screen shot of the file and then the link to the file.  Enjoy.  Please comment and let me know what you make with the files!

1. Pumpkin Coffee Cup  https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/30995040

2.  Whale You Be Mine Valentine Card https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/35902023

3.  Fingernail Polish Tags https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/30603120

This tag is great for birthday party favors and much more.

4.  Made is TEXAS and USA Tags


5.  Diva Coffee Cup

6. Smell The Roses Coffee Cup

7.  Planner Stickers

Use these planner stickers or calendar stickers to schedule house payments, reminders, pay days and birthdays. Use Firefox to print and cut out the maximum amount of stickers for your planning.

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Cricut Explore: Planner Stickers

I finally figured out how to make stickers using the Cricut Explore.  I am using them in my planner and for other uses.  They are so stinking cute and addictive to make. 

Here is what I used to make the stickers:
Hewlett-Packard Envy 5660 on best settings
Avery Shipping labels full sheet
Cricut Explore

Here are some of the stickers I made. 







Altered paper clips the bee theme

I decided I wanted to make a bee themed altered paper clips. I love making the paper clips. . I designed them in Cricut design space. The file will be posted at the end of this post.

I want to provide some helpful hints on how to complete these bees. Make sure you have an extra mat that you can actually glue all of the pieces together. It makes it so much easier to put these together. You also want to use the custom dial setting intricate cut and a sticky mat. Use your spatula tool to pull the images off the sticky mat. I use a less sticky mat to put the images together. I hope this makes sense. You can find this file at https://us.cricut.com/#/canvas/33484462